Respiratory Mask A3EXV - FFP2 (exhalation valve)

Respiratory Mask A3EXV - FFP2 (exhalation valve)

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Double outer Shell & soft inner shell

Stay cool butterfly transparent vent valve

Protection against solid and liquid aerosols

European Approval

Protection against solid and liquid aerosols

  • Having passed dolomite test, they resist clogging even in very high dust environments.

Advanced microfibre media

  • Restricts sub-micron particles, fine dust, water/oil based liquid mist and biological agents e.g. TB, SARS and pandemic influenza
  • Tested for Dolomite clogging test

Color coded fittings

  • Easy to identify
  • Indicates the level of protection

Convex style double shell

  • Classic collapse-resistant shell with seamed filter cover
  • Maintains high integrity of filter media

Embedded nose clip inside media

  • No loose parts, so no risk to safety in production

Elastic welded outside filter area

  • Leakproof
  • Avoids puncture


  • Compatible with Venus head protection and eye protection devices

Bi-lingual user instructions

  • For easy acceptance by different wearers

Stay cool butterfly vent valve

  • Provides breathing comfort and promotes easy communication
  • Effectively removes heat build-up


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