A3 SAFE: an international dimension


A3 SAFE is a French company specialized in the distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE).

The protection of workers and safety at work are our biggest concerns. Our personal protective equipment is designed to prevent and protect the risk of light or fatal injuries, which can be numerous depending on your work environment.

Our customers are numerous and are located all over the world: Europe, Africa, Asia, Greater Middle East. We are used to shipping our goods long distances, and our products meet the different requirements of many countries for safety standards.

Our products have an excellent price / quality ratio compared to our main competitors. While respecting the various international safety standards, which guarantees a real quality of manufacture and efficiency of our safety equipment.

We cover the 5 families of PPE:

Our products are very varied and we also market accessories, sanitary protections, protective glasses, etc ...

You can also ask us for advice or a quote by phone or email:

  • + 33 4 28 69 69 58
  • + 33 6 66 86 00 55
  • office@a3safe.com

We are recognized for providing:

  • Certified products providing all the guarantees of quality and reliability
  • Excellent service (availability and responsiveness)
  • Strong technical competence

We can support you:

A3 SAFE can help you choose your personal protective equipment (PPE) according to your needs.

We also offer various professional training courses to raise awareness of the risks of certain jobs, as well as training in the proper use of certain PPE and ensuring their proper maintenance.

  • Awareness of work at height
  • Sales assistance applied to work at height
  • Visual inspection of PPE
  • Mechanical overhaul of Automatic Fall Arresters
  • Tailor-made training
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