Respiratory mask A3EXV - FFP1

Respiratory mask A3EXV - FFP1

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Mutiple Shells

Elastic sewn outside filter area

ISI Approved

Double shell
Primary filter supports high dust retention capacity and long duration wears.

Superior technology micro-fine filter media

  • Protects micro-fine respirable suspended particulate matter
  • Higher dust holding capacity
  • Doesn’t let the filter clog thereby increasing the respirator's life

Mutiple Shells

  • The design aids use for multiples shifts
  • Lasts longer

Elastic sewn outside filter area

  • Leakproof
  • Avoids puncture

Aluminum nose clip

  • Mouldable clip to get comfortable
  • and perfect fit

Braided textile elastic

  • Diminishes risk of reactions to skin allergy
  • Does not deform with repeat wears, high temperature

Unique fit adjusters

  • Provides optimum protection & comfort
  • Nose Liner Half Foam Seal Full Foam Seal Application examples

Color coded fittings

  • Allows easy identification
  • Denotes the level of protection


  • Compatible with Venus head protection and eye protection devices

Bi-lingual user instructions

  • For easy acceptance by different wearers


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