Respiratory mask A3EXVS - FFP2 (exhalation valve side)

Respiratory mask A3EXVS - FFP2 (exhalation valve side)

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Anti Clogging

Vent valve

User friendly large pocket design, easy to store while not in use.

ISI Approved

European Approval

Anti Clogging (NR D)
Having passed dolomite test, they resist clogging even in very high dust environments.

Superior microfibre media
Provides protection against sub-micron particles, fine dusts, water/oil based liquid mist and biological agents e.g. TB, SARS and pandemic influenza.

Color coded fittings

  • Allows easy identification
  • Denotes the level of protection

Flat Fold style

  • Large pocket style design
  • Easy and compact to store while not in use
  • Enhanced protection & comfort

Stay cool butterfly vent valve

  • Provides breathing comfort and promotes easy communication
  • Effective removal of heat build-up

Aluminum nose clip

  • Leak-proof fit
  • Disallows fogging of eyewear

Unique fit adjusters

  • Provides optimum protection & comfort

Latex free textile elastic

  • Long life
  • Skin friendly
  • Does not deform in high temperature

Elastic fitted outside filter area

  • Leakproof
  • Avoids puncture

Choice of different colours

  • To suit user condition


  • Compatible with head protection and eye protection devices

Bi-lingual user instructions

  • For easy acceptance by different wearers

Exhalation valve


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